9 Oct 2015

Pastor David Doran Jr. – Church Planter


Look around and you’ll see plenty of financial rebirth in Detroit. But spiritual rebirth is far more important.

That’s why DBTS grad David Doran, Jr. is planting Resurrection Church in nearby Lincoln Park, a city that will soon mirror southwest Detroit in its racial diversity. “Sometimes the biggest needs are in your own backyard,” David says.

While completing a Th.M. at DBTS, David immersed himself in evangelism as the outreach pastor at Inter-City Baptist Church. Whether sharing the gospel with an unbeliever at a coffee shop or encouraging a believer to reach out to his lost friends, he saw how the gospel drew people to Jesus and emboldened Christians in their faith.

But soon God expanded David’s vision. During a mission trip to Morocco, he noticed throngs of Muslims leaving a mosque. On the way home, he pondered the fact that the largest Muslim population in America is located just 15 minutes away from the seminary in Dearborn, Michigan.

On another survey trip, he ministered to the homeless in one of the ghettos of LA. Returning to Detroit, he did an ethnography study of southwest Detroit and felt God leading him to plant a church in Lincoln Park. With a rapidly growing Hispanic population and an influx of Detroit natives, many people in that area need basic, foundational spiritual training.

Now, nearly 20 adults gather together as a core group for Resurrection Church. But for David, creating a congregation is much more important than conducting a weekly service. He personally disciples men on the team and encourages them to reach out to the lost.

He believes that evangelism is a lifestyle, and he wants to invest in people’s lives so they can minister to others. “Christianity is a vibrant faith that can radically transform a sinner’s life,” David says. “We want Resurrection Church to be a group of people following Jesus together, growing to embrace and experience his Lordship in their lives and advancing his vision in all that they do.”